Football Academy Sevenoaks

We welcome all who are able to attend our football training academy, and any aspiring sport lovers that come from Sevenoaks are no exception. We are here to help all levels of interest and abilities in the game and can help your young ones acquire skills and positive attributes, not just in the sport of football itself, but in other areas such as working as a team, building confidence, setting goals and meeting objectives. So, if your children are interested in attending a football training academy, our professional service has all you could need.

Our coaches have either played football professionally or worked in a professional club, and as such have the knowledge needed to develop any ability, as well as encourage a passion for football and physical fitness. By using our knowledge in each training session with specific aims and skill developments in mind, we can harness and encourage the energy and agility your children display. All of our coaches are DBS checked, and have the qualifications required to teach a full understanding in all aspects of the sport.

Professional Football Coaching Sevenoaks

The children’s football core skills Sevenoaks students have available to them covers a wide range of techniques and skill development. Whether your child needs to develop their ability to work with a team by gaining and passing on the ball in such a way that promotes game development, or they want to learn how to guide and dribble the ball while navigating the field and opposing players, we provide what’s needed.

We train the children to be able to perform in any area, and to the extent, of the sport they have in mind. From goalkeeper training, Sevenoaks children and teens may wish to attend our striker training programme. People from Sevenoaks can gain everything needed to take the sport to where they require whether as a hobby, or as a future career.

We recommend an early start to this aspect of education, in order for your aspiring sportspeople to be able to make the most of their ability and enjoyment of the sport. We provide our football coaching to both boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 18 and provide various training programs to ensure your aspiring young sports lovers the chance to enhance and harness their skills in the best way possible.

As some skills can be gained in a team setting, but others are better learned when a coach can concentrate on the individual needs and requirements of a student, we offer both group sessions and 1-2-1 football training, Sevenoaks sports people alike can benefit from.

Football Holiday Camp Sevenoaks

We also provide a football holiday camp which kids from Sevenoaks can be booked onto, allowing your children to engage in the activity they love even when the school term ends. All of our training programs, no matter what the chosen goals of each child involves having fun, making it the perfect choice of activity to keep your children active and engaged throughout the holidays.

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