Private 1-2-1 Sessions

At Prolific Striker Academy (PSA), we specialise in providing the high quality coaching that all players need to achieve their goals and learn new matchday skills. At PSA we offer private 1-2-1 football coaching sessions. By choosing our one 2 one football coaching, Bromley players can ensure that they have all the technical support to improve and succeed on the pitch.

We feel that it is important to be able to work closely with players to provide detailed high intensity training sessions. Whilst group training offers many benefits, having the opportunity for personal feedback that is focused on one player is valuable in ensuring that they know exactly where and how to make the type of minor changes that can make the difference between a good player and a really good player.

With our 1-2-1 sessions, both the player and the coach have the opportunity to engage in high quality, in-depth conversations about performance. Focused and individual feedback is delivered in real time so that the player can work on technical, strategic and athletic developments that can make all the difference in a match.

1-2-1 Football Coaching Bromley

We understand that our players expect value for money. This means an effective training session, led by an experienced and capable coach, so this is what we deliver. Each session plan is tailored specifically to the player. The coach will prepare the plan based on the player’s individual needs. The range of drills, activities and technical support will be carefully selected to heighten existing strengths and address weaknesses. We design the plan using our highly effective 4 corner model.

To get the best out of any coaching, you need a good coach, so this is what we provide. All of our team members are experienced in football. They each have experience playing or working at a professional club, as well as professional coaching qualifications. This means that not only do they understand the game and how to help players improve, but they also understand the pressures and requirements for playing at a top level.

With our one to one football coaching, Bromley players will find the right support for their requirements. Our highly experienced coaches provide training for players in all outfield positions. Whether you want to be the defender who saves the day with a well-positioned tackle, the midfielder who consistently opens up play for the team, or the striker who scores the match winning goal, we can help you to master the skills and techniques you need. We also provide the private football coaching Bromley goalkeepers need to reach their potential.

Does our 1-2-1 coaching sound like what you are looking for? Do you want individual support from experienced trainers where the focus is one hundred percent on helping you to improve? Do you need a competitively priced personal development package with a proven track record of success? If so, contact us at Prolific Striker Academy. We have the expertise that you need to achieve your goals and find success on the pitch.

Private Football Coaching Bromley

Each session plan will be tailored specifically to the player based on their needs across the 4 corner model.

Our sessions are available for all outfield players in addition to goalkeepers.

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