About Us

Prolific Striker Academy (PSA) is a reputable football academy in the Bromley South London area specialising in striker football training, goalkeeper training and 1-2-1 football coaching.

PSA was founded by Elyon Marshall-Katung an ex-professional footballer at Leyton Orient FC.



Our Aim

Our aim is to create a unique environment where young players who want to hone in on their talents and master their craft can do so.

Our training groups are no more than six players to one coach as it is important to us that contact time is maximised between player and coach, this allows for better interaction which we believe is key to player development.

Striker Academy

At Prolific striker Academy, we offer high-level football coaching solutions. We have specific striker and attacking coaches who work with forwards on a daily basis to develop and improve their skills at the highest level of the game. All our coaches have either played professionally or have experience working in a professional club. Our training programme is catered towards players in attacking and forward positions.

We currently offer one training session per week where groups are at a maximum of 6 children to 1 coach.

For more information about our striker academy get in touch with us.

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Goalkeeping with PSA

We provide goalkeeper coaching for players aged 7 to 18 where we look at correct techniques and solid fundamentals which are important tools for goalkeepers.

In our sessions we aim to recreate many in-game scenarios so that both forwards and goalkeepers can experience match-based situations resulting in greater success on game day.

For more information about our goalkeeper training contact us now.

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Club Partnership

Here at PSA we have a partnership with a number of clubs in the South East London area where we work with their forwards and attacking players providing an intensive high repetition, scenario based finishing session.

Our detailed analysis and coaching syllabus help develop the players resulting in greater success for the club.

We come to you and we work with you!

To find out how your club or team could benefit from this service then contact us.

Partnerships & Accreditations