All about Football Movement Drills

Football is the only way to get better at playing, and that’s true whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro. In football, only the goalkeeper can use their hands, making the player’s feet the game’s primary means of propulsion and foundation. Below are the common football movement drills in Bromley.

Four Primary Categories of Football Practices

  1. Dribble Drills

Fleming emphasised the significance of having reasonable ball control in combination with speed to advance the ball up and down the field and around or past the opposition. The three exercises here will help you hone that ability.

  • Drill for Weaving Cones

This is a crucial drill for developing better control of the ball.

Line up five or six cones.

Dribble quickly in and out of the cones without knocking any over.

Do so five times more.

  • Weaver Cone Slalom Drill

This is a helpful drill because it simulates game conditions by requiring players to dribble in various directions at once.

Arrange five or six cones in a wide zigzag pattern, with a minimum of five meters between them.

Take the ball and dribble it around the outside of each cone as you move it diagonally from one to the next. Iterate until the entire formation has been completed.

Do so five times more.

  1. An Extensive Exercise in Passing Time

You can up the difficulty of this foundational drill by increasing the speed of the ball, decreasing the time you have to hold on to it, and increasing the height it travels.

One should distance themselves from a teammate or a wall by at least 15 to 20 metres.

Second, to increase your kicking distance, tie the laces of your boots together and toss the ball to your teammate or kick it against the wall. You should either keep your foot on the ground and pass fast or lift the ball into the air. Until you master it, beginner players should focus on keeping the ball on the ground.

  1. Firing Practices

Football requires players to score goals against their opponents. The net may look like an easy target, but scoring is difficult when you factor in players’ ability to move and the presence of defenders. Fleming advocated for these shooting drills as a means to improve.

The Practice of Shooting Still Balls

Even though it’s a reasonably simple shooting exercise, you can make it more challenging by starting quickly.

  1. Exercises for Conditioning

Players should constantly work to increase their stamina and speed because so much of a football game is spent on the move. Here are two exercises from Fleming that can help with that.

Using a Ladder Drilling Method

You can incorporate this exercise into your regular warm-up routine. “The movements a player must use when drilling the ball are similar to those used in ladder drills,” said Fleming.


It’s essential to dribble quickly, find open teammates, and shoot with power and accuracy if you want to advance the ball up the pitch and score. Players need to get used to the feel and nature of the ball because it bounces, stretches, and can be slippery. Hope you enjoyed the above movement drills for football.

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