Striker Training Orpington

Our football coaches use their vast knowledge in the game to harness the ability and talents of everyone that comes to our football training academy in Orpington. Students can apply themselves as a striker, in defence, or in goal when they enrol in our football academy. We allow each of our students to take their ability to the level that they require, show an aptitude for, and that they enjoy. Regardless of whether it is your child’s favourite fun activity, or if you along with your child want to take football to the next level and perhaps pursue a career in football for their future, we have the knowledge, wisdom and expertise to help them get the best out of their training.

Every one of our coaches has a broad background in professional football and a passion for the game as well as for the potential held when a team works together to one ultimate aim. This makes our training school the best for pursuing a sport’s talent, spending time with other likeminded friends, and the physical exercise we all need to stay active and healthy.  As physical exercise is always easier when engaged in something you enjoy, it is our hope that we can instil in your young ones the skills and enthusiasm that will keep them physically fit for many years to come.

Goalkeeper Training Orpington

Goalkeeper training for Orpington youths is a specific program designed to help them be an asset to their team and club. To ensure your young one gets the most out of their training, we only coach our students in groups of 6 others at the most. Team playing is essential, in order to see how each player performs when learning the passing and ball receiving skills that every footballer, even the goalie, must develop.

Private Football Training Orpington

However, there may be times when 1-2-1 training is needed to help your child to hone his or her skill in specific areas. This individual training is perfect for both the goalkeepers and the striker training, Orpington team members may require and want to really perfect those moves on the pitch. We offer both children’s 1-2-1 football training that local parents can arrange with us, and team training led by accomplished coaches that can give the right amount of attention your young children and budding footballers deserve, individually and as part of a team.

Football Core Skills Training Orpington

The Children’s football core skills training that kids work through and enjoy is for ages 7-11, and is suitable for both girls and boys, with a range of abilities. It covers everything your children will need to help them in the field, from receiving skills, being able to run and tackle with the ball, and even the basic rules and planning of the game.

Football Training Camps Orpington

We also provide football holiday camps that young footballers will thoroughly enjoy. This ensures that the hard work and training, as well as the routine of physical exercise is not interrupted, and it’s a lot of fun!

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